wtorek, 7 lipca 2009

Karolina's first impressions of Penang.

After jumping from city to city we finally arrive in Penang where we are to stay for the next few days. We land 9.10pm and get on an empty bus (we remain the only passangers throughout a whole 30-minute journey! ) to Georgetown. I am tired and stressed out because I left a full pack of Pola’s nappies on a bus stop in Macau, we have none left and she’s just made a poo. Perfect timing :p
Since there is no-one on the bus, I chat up the driver, although he does not look like someone who buys nappies at nightime. Even though explaning what a nappy is takes me some time, I eventually learn that 7-11, a 24-hour conveniance store sells them. Relieved we rush into the strore , grab a 3 pack, get rid of the poo and head for the hotel.
While passing through the streets I have a chance to take a look at the city. Although it is past 11pm it is vibrant with life. Countless little eatieries are full of locals who probably wait until late hours to have their final meal. Asians all around me, I feel uneasy. We surely attract stares, especially Pola’s chubbiness is lively commented on. People grab her by her legs and chat her up. She doesn’t seem to mind.
As we pass through deemly lit streets of Penang, my disapointment grows. Told that we are coming to a sea side resort I expected a charming little town. Despite the darkness it is obvious that charming it is not. Narrow streets with rows of ramshackle bulidings, littlered with food leftowers, and an awful smell od durian fruit are a huge contrast to ordery and sophisticated Macau. Short development is ocasionally interrupted by a tall hotel or a block of flats, usually as tasteless as the small houses around.
The worst is still to come. Looking around I had no time to look down. When I finally do so I notice a couple of huge cocroaches the size of my little finger.Disgusted, I try not to look down again hoping that I will not step on one.
At last, safe and sound we reach the hotel which, to my relief is a decent place. No creepy crawly in sight. Still, I am not impressed.

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