środa, 8 lipca 2009

Battu Ferringhi. Pola’s first beach experience.

The next day we went to see the beach. Batu Ferringhi is some 40-minute drive from the centre of Georgetown so getting there and back, especially if you are travelling with a baby is quite a trip. The main bus terminal is an awful place, mainly due to the fact that environmentally-unfriendly drivers never turn off the engines. Shabby old vehicle which we board dates back to the times before air conditioning was invented, instead doors and windows are fully ajar. Pola falls asleep during the ride so everything goes smoothly.
The beach itself is quite an ordinary one, but I am relieved to see there are large trees along it. We hide under one of them, but since they do not offer full protection form the sun, I make a little tent out of the sling and Pola falls asleep. 30 minutes later and she is up again, so we go to soak our feet in the sea. The sea is warm but not very clean. A chick next to me fishes out a large jellyfish, few minutes later another one tickles my foot and so I decide we have had enough of the soaking.

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