środa, 8 lipca 2009

At snail speed. Penang Hill funicular.

After a day spent on updating the blog, catching up with family and pure laziness, we venture on a trip to Penang Hill. A trip which turns out t be a complete flop. Crammed and stuffy funicular is so slow you can count the leaves on the trees passed by. By the time we reach the top I have enough of the trip already. The view of the city that spreads below is far from spectacular, though having seen what we have on our first day, we did not expect it would be.
There is very little one can do on the top. There is a temple situated further up, but judging by its looks its not worth the hike. You can have your photo taken with a large snake (if you like cheesy tourist attractions) or eat fried baby bananas, but is that really worth a 30-minute slow ride and even longer wait (some hour an a half!!!) in the queue to get back down? We thought not.

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