czwartek, 16 lipca 2009

Just what were you thinking, mum!

A visit to Penang National Park was another bit of a flop. A flip-flop :P
For some reasons I assumed that the park would be a flat terrain with many nice pathways to stroll around. Silly me. Although no stranger to national parks ( just before heading for the long trip we had paid a visit to Tatra Mountains National Park) I decided that wearing casual clothes and flip-flops would do. Although our destination was Monkey Beach and we were walking along the coast line, the walk proved to be quite a challenge. Narrow path with huge stones and large tree roots sticking out of the ground made it a difficult walk indeed. Determined to reach our destination, we were slowly moving up before being finally stopped by a huge log of a fallen tree. There was no way we could get over it or around it. Not in flip-flops, not with a baby sleeping in a sling in front of me.
Still, despite difficulty and high humidity, the walk itself was a pleasurable experience and I would strongly recommend visiting Penang National Park to all those who happen to be on the island.

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