czwartek, 16 lipca 2009

A bumpy ride round the surrounding islands.

Next morning all 5 of us go for a boat trip round Langkawi islands. I am little worried whether moody Pola will be OK with a 4-hour long trip. The problem however turns out to be of a different kind. The man which drives the boat is a busy man, he’s got long queue of people waiting for their turn and so he tries to do everything as fast as he can. He drives the boat as if he was carrying bags of potatoes, not people. Although the sea is calm, occasional waves cause the boat to jump up, what was supposed to be a leisurely ride turns out to be a bumpy one. Judging by the faces of fellow passengers, they feel as uneasy as I do, it is me however who enjoys is the least, for I have to hold Pola tight praying she does not fall out of the boat when it hits the next wave. I was hoping she would go down for her nap on the boat, I have no doubts that being thrown around as she is, we have to forget about it. After a 10 minute ride we stop at the first island, where are welcomed by a bunch of cute little monkeys. Adorable little creatures they know their charm and before you know it jump on your backpack in search of food. Half an hour on the island and we get back on the boat. Pola who has just managed to fall asleep is abruptly woken up, fortunately she takes it lightly. We stop for a while in the middle of the sea to watch some birds circling above our heads then the crazy ride continues. After another ten or so minutes the boat finally pulls off by another island with a nice beach and so we all go for a swim. Well, myself and Pola splash about close to the shore. The water is nicely warm and clean.
Some hour later and our driver returns to take us back to Langkawi. Although visibly tired, Pola has refused to sleep on the beach and so is in a quite bad temper. I cuddle her hoping she will fall asleep during the ride, but the boat hits the water with such a force that instead of falling asleep Pola begins to cry. I give up trying to put her to sleep and just pray for the trip to be over. Thank goodness she does not throw a tantrum but lets me to be comforted and minutes later we are on shore. Another lesson learned. Next time I will remember to check whether the activity is suited for infants. This was definitely not although, except for the final ride back to Langkawi, Pola took it really well.
All in all, it would have been a really nice trip if only the boat didn’t go at such a speed and we had more time to admire the view. Business is business and time is money, as they say. There are others who unaware of what they are about to experience eagerly await their turn.

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