piątek, 3 lipca 2009


Comparing to Hong Kong Macau looks more like a sea side resort. The streets are narrower, there is more space between the buildings and at least some of them aren’t as high as the skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Although much smaller, like Honk Kong it is a grand city too, with numerous opulent casinos and hotels and skyscrapers which state-of-the-art design is even more grand then that of Hong Kong’s. While in terms of architecture Hong Kong was quite homogenous, Macau is a city where modern design is intertwined with Mediterranean style buildings reminding its visitors of the colonial times.
Accompanied again by a Chinese guide ( another Couch Surfing fellow member) we had an opportunity to taste delicious Cantonese and Portuguese cuisine, be shown around the place and enjoy its atmosphere. Since Macau was not as humid as Hong Kong we mainly sightsaw the city in the evening hours. Besides, it is at night that the city’s splendour is best visible for the numerous casinos and grand hotels illuminate against the navy sky.
Seb was so pleased with the atmosphere of the place that he suggested we should come back here sometime next year for a six months or so and learn the Mandarin :)

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