sobota, 27 czerwca 2009

Dubai and the unbearable heat

Surviving a 7-hour long flight from London (which in the end turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience, mainly due to the fact that Pola slept half way through it :P) was easy-peasy comparing to surviving Dubai heat. We got out of the airport 8.30 pm and were hit by an air so stiff I could hardly breathe. I felt like going back to nicely cooled airport hall and just wait there for our next flight J
Thanks to the time change (+3 hrs) we got up quite late and by the time we were ready to leave the hotel it was past noon. The worst possible time to stroll round the city. We only managed to take a few steps and were soaked in sweat. We quickly hid in a nearby shopping mall, which in contrast felt like an inside of a freezer! We cooled ourselves a little, withdraw some money and headed for the nearest bus stop with the intention of going to the city centre. No bus came though, but a kind Emirati gave us a free ride to a city centre…shopping mall. Since sightseeing shopping malls was not on our agenda, we decided to head for Deira district but by the time we got there we were so exhausted by the heat that we only managed to have a meal in a little Arabic restaurant and went back to the hotel hoping that evening sightseeing would be less exhausting.

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  1. Ha! Nie wierzę - Sebastianowi było za gorąco :)