środa, 17 czerwca 2009

Are we ready to go?

We are just days away from setting off for our at least 9-month-long journey. As the clock is ticking away, tension is building up. Million thoughts is running through my head. Is this whole trip a good idea? Aren’t we going to feel homesick? Is Pola going be OK with flying or is she going to throw a tantrum as soon as we board the first plane? How are we going to survive the tropical weather? How am I going to survive without my morning cups of coffee and my favourite food?

While I’m getting panicky, Seb is excited and Pola has no clue that in a week time her and our life is going to be turned upside down. Great things are ahead of us. New places, new people….different cultures, languages, food, music, weather. Are we going to love it? Yes, we are! Guess, I am getting excited too. It’s going to be terrific!

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